Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Trends: Elderly Women's Fashion in South Korea

"I have noticed something. Elderly women are staunchly devoted to wearing flower prints. Gaudy, chic, loud, subdued, multicolored, monochromatic -- they rock it all. I have decided to launch a photography series fondly entitled 'Flowers in Bloom' to exhibit this captivating fashion trend in South Korea."
- my favorite person Jin Ha. Haha.

Flowers in Bloom first started as a Facebook album on Jin's account; but after tons of replies and "likes" by his friends, Jin decided to take the series to the next level.

This blog is a go-to for laughs. Some (elderly women who ride the subways of Seoul) might be offended, but it's all in good humor as Jin is really just sharing his Korean love and pride with the world. Each picture is accompanied by a blurb - his prose in each is wonderully hilarious.

Next to this photo Jin wrote, "the model didn't ruin the shot by crossing her arms. She created a vanilla cream horizon upon which the sun-flame red flower could rise."


  1. hahahaa you weirdo. i know i'm due to post, it'll be coming soon (in about a week, i promise!), i already know what I'm going to write about