Thursday, July 15, 2010

Storm King

We spent an unconventional 4th of July at Storm King in the Hudson River Valley. We've been to Dia in Beacon before, but never Storm King. It was so much fun!!
Despite it being 100 degrees and despite that I forgot to bring the real camera, I had a wonderful time just driving through the hills and walking around the various sculptures.

I think my favorites were the ones done by

Menashe Kadishman
Mark di Suvero
Kenneth Snelson
Henry Moore
Robert Grosvenor
and Richard Serra

Storm King is definitely worth going to if you just need to get out of Manhattan. But it was especially cool to see, as with any architectural piece plopped in the middle of a natural landscape, how these spaces interact with each other.


  1. beautiful! great pictures, even if they don't come from the "real camera"

  2. they come from the storm king website...

  3. I didn't know anything about Storm King before this, Sara. I found the history on the website particularly interesting (
    I wonder if they have any site-specific works.