Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Trends: Clearly Super Cool

Remember how the popular shoes when we were 7 years old were those jelly sandals from Gap?
My love for this trend has been reignited recently. Although I still love the jelly sandals, I'm a big girl now so I've graduated to clear high heels and totes.

My favorite clear heels are the ones done by Prada - so elegant while still fun and summery. Am-lul's Gala Gonzales pulls them off quite well.
Not sure what she's wearing, but Garance Dore's clear heels are so pretty (especially with that nail color).
But here's an example of a clear heel gone so wrong: Taylor Momsen's stripper look.
But I think I like the clear bags even more than the shoes. I always wonder, what's the point of a bag if you have to put another bag inside it? But then I remember that I always lose things in the depths of my bags, so a clear bag might actually be perfect for keeping tracking of where my keys, phone, metrocard, etc. are in my bag.
My favorites this summer are Alex Wang's and Prada's versions.
Rocco Duffle:
Model Samantha Gradoville carrying the Prada clear bag:

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