Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer's Almost Gone: Can I Borrow Your Mixtape? #7

Photo by Sebastian Spader. Los Angeles, August 2011.

Once again, Los Angeles has surprised me, mischievous & lovable drag queen that she is. I'm going to miss the city I always thought I'd never miss. Here's to an incredible end of summer/beginning of fall... and to the next chapter, wherever it may lead... here's some of what I'll be listening to on my plane ride back to New York:

Stay tuned for my photos & article/interview with Active Child on Pas Un Autre!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tumblin' Around like a Tumbleweed....?

Photo by Sebastian Spader. Marion, MA. July 2011.

Hey guys... I've made a Tumblr, which explains my lack of posting as of late. Just a place to post my photos and other photos/videos/songs/writings that inspire me. Check it out (and follow me if you have a Tumblr!):

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Portraits of Friends

Pierre & Christian. Paris, May 2011.

Vanessa. Asnières-sur-Seine, May 2011.

Catherine. Paris, May 2011.

Olivia. New York, April 2011.

Matt. New York, January 2011.

Carl. New York, February 2011.

Claudia. New York, April 2011.

Paul. Asnières-sur-Seine, May 2011.

Charles. New York, February 2011.

Melissa. Santa Barbara, December 2010.

Kathleen & Jane. New York, May 2011.

Alexandra. Los Angeles, March 2011.

Nassim. New York, January 2011.

Connie. New York, March 2011.

Kit. Los Angeles, March 2011.

Cecelia. New York, March 2011.

Nicholl. New York, May 2011.

Meagan. Los Angeles, December 2010.

Nina. Asnières-sur-Seine, May 2011.

Thor. New York, May 2011.

Ariel. Paris, May 2011.

Sebastian (1 & 2). Los Angeles, December 2010/ January 2011.

Maya. Mojave, January 2011.

All original photos, shot in & around the three cities I've been spending most of my time in.

Monday, August 1, 2011