Tuesday, May 18, 2010

worth contemplating on a rainy day in New York

Some of my favorite random photographs and drawings that have found their way into a magical folder on my desktop:

a drawing of mine circa 2005

a shot I took of the 10 West in Los Angeles, a few summers ago

not quite sure what this is or where I found it, but I like it.

Timothy Leary in Los Angeles in the 60's, photo by Jay Brown

hibiscus Polaroid by Jay Brown
film still of Johnny Rotten performing, from a documentary by Jay Brown

Warhol polaroids by Jay Brown

my brother Charlie taking a nap with his dog in the early 80's

a "calligraph" in the shape of the Eiffel Tower by Apollinaire. My shoddy translation: "Hello world, of which I am the eloquent tongue, whose mouth, O Paris, sticks out and always will stick out at Germans" (written during the German occupation of Paris, obviously..)

no explanation necessary

a doodle I did, circa 2004

my mother outside a cinema in France, circa the early 90's

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