Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A lot.

So many things to blog about. Starting now. From Hinoki and stopping myself at A. Mellon.

Hinoki is a Japanese tree; it was used by traditional Japanese architects to build palaces, temples, shrines. When I lived in Japan, I used to love the smell of Hinoki. I had forgotten the smell after I moved to New York, but was reminded of it many years later. In Santa Fe. Random? Could go on about Santa Fe forever, but must refrain... There it was: a piece of my Japanese childhood at a spa in the mountains of New Mexico. The Ten Thousand Waves Spa in Santa Fe carries their own line of Hinoki scented products.

Even better though is the Hinoki perfume by Comme des Garcons. They always know how to make things right, don't they?

I recently bought this perfume for a friend of mine as a gift. Awesome perfume for an awesome person. And Thalia is clearly awesome:

This picture of Thalia was taken by a mutual friend of ours, the talented Angela Mellon. Angela has been a friend of mine for ten years now. And I've always loved both her and her photography.

Some more of Angela's photos:

Love all of her pictures. She's kind of all over the place/world right now. The best way to really keep up with her is by following her blog at

OK, dunzo... for now.

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