Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lanvin's Menswear S/S '10 ads: Crazy Cool

For this year's spring/summer menswear line, Lanvin has come up with some of the strangest, coolest and artsiest images I've seen recently in the sphere of high-fashion ad campaigns. Not sure if they make me really want to buy these clothes for my boyfriend/brother/dad/guy friend, but something has to be said for the ad team's originality. They definitely give Marc Jacobs a run for his (avant-garde, normal-people, low-res, tongue-in-cheek) money in the ad realm... Thoughts?

the boyfriend of the female image I posted a few entries below...?

This one reminds me of a Van Gogh..

(Is it just me, or is this last one the grossest/weirdest fashion ad ever?!) sort of harkens to the last entry's image of the Abramovic/Ulay "swapping breath" session...

...aaaand this one just reminds me of The Ring....


  1. haha to the avatar comment. pretty snazzy stuff though.

  2. EVEREST! HI! do you comeback from europe to usa? u finished ur music curs?