Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can I Borrow Your Mixtape? #3

Spring is just around the corner (in fact, according to the so-called Groundhog, it already is spring... but I've never believed him), and for those of us in school, so are midterms. What better way to procrastinate from beginning that daunting 8-page Lacan paper than a new playlist? None that I can think of. Except for attempt to untangle your jewelry (see above), or maybe what I did last night, which was see
Des Hommes et Des Dieux (English title: Of Gods and Men), Xavier Beauvois' startlingly gorgeous (and horrifically depressing) film about French missionaries holding their ground against brutal Islamic extremists in Algeria during the mid-90's. Yes, it's sad, slow-moving and long, but I highly recommend it-- the stunning visuals alone are worth the time you may not have spent studying for that Physics test (ha, Physics... who am I kidding?). Oh, and it includes the most adorable little old man I've ever seen in my life, Jacques Herlin (pictured below), who plays Frère Amédée. Anyway, here it is, kids:

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