Thursday, February 3, 2011

Electro-pop's new darling: Christoph Andersson

At just 19 years old, New Orleans-based songwriter and producer Christoph Andersson is making some of the most interesting, original and appealing electronic music of his time-- it's okay to be jealous, I am too. His fast-paced, funk-influenced bass lines (he does come from the city of jazz, after all) complement his feel-good, undeniably catchy melodies (I've had Metropol on constant repeat since yesterday morning... don't judge me). Born in Washington, D.C., Andersson, who describes his own music as "neo-disco," moved to Germany for two years as a toddler (perhaps this could have influenced his decidedly European-electro musical sensibilities) before finally settling down in 'Nawlins. Apparently, the talented youngster picked up a guitar before he could even walk, ended up joining a few indie rock groups throughout high school, and finally, unsatisfied with the group experience, set out to create his own singles and remixes, picking up several local DJ gigs along the way. His involvement in TKVR, a monthly music/party collective, lead to his growing popularity and the release of his first EP, Tuxedo, this past November. And to top it all off, he's adorable (in an awkward music-nerd sort of way)!

Have a listen to a few of his tracks below-- Capital is sort of a vamped-up, fine-tuned version of Cache. If you're an electro-pop fan, or a "neo-disco" fan, for that matter (and if you are one, and have a sense of humor, you should DEFINITELY check out wildly eccentric Kansas City-based band SSION, pictured below), you won't be disappointed, I promise.

Capital by Christoph Andersson

And two you can actually download:


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